• 80% of our people are high skilled workers with some kind of physical disability

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Our story

Welcome to Iphoneapps Store

Iphoneapps Store was born in this wonderful location in front of the West Lake in Hanoi more than 10 years ago, back in 2008. This big house is the first Chula shop and where everything began... This place was once the home of the owners Diego & Laura. When they started with Iphoneapps Store, the idea was to share the house with the brand. But Iphoneapps Store grew up quickly and they decided to find themselves another home in order to dedicate this place to their passion.

Nowadays, this shop is where all the creations are designed, and hand made. It is the biggest Iphoneapps Store existing, and a real living place where you can enjoy some live concerts at night or just relax with your friends.

A Message

We believe Fashion can have a real impact on maintaining Traditions and displaying different Cultures around around the World. Our Collections are usually strongly linked to Minorities or Cultural symbols from Vietnam and Around the World.